Monday, December 1, 2008

SSS Pendant



This pendant has been created to support

You can order it here and SSS will get a portion of the proceeds on each order. Notice there are 2 styles here. They can also be ordered in different colors if you are soul inclined. If you do not select other colors, they wil be done in the colors shown, however, there will be slight variations in the glass. The square or diamond piece in the middle is irridescent! The finish is copper and the pendant hangs on copper tiger tail 18" unless otherwise specified. Shipping is included in the U.S. Outside, I will have to quote.

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Unknown said...

Ever since the Chyrstallis image was painted to represent our soul's seed, I have been looking for an artist to make the soul seed come to life. Shari has amazingly and beautifully done just that!

I love my pendant, feel its deep connection with the origin of light, and can only say that Shari brings magic to life!

I have three of her stained glass wonders, and they are sturdy, well-made, beautiful, and artful.

Shari donates a large percentage of her time for good causes, and we appreciate her support of our souls and Soul Support Systems.